Certificate in Professional Tree Inspection


Certificate in Professional Tree Inspection

Course Objectives

  • Familiarize with the legislation on tree inspection in Hong Kong;
  • Recognize a range of observable mechanical and biological defects;
  • Familiarize with three levels of assessment;
  • Identify different types of targets and evaluate the potential consequences;
  • Familiarize different site-specific factors that affect the likelihood of tree failure;
  • Carrying out tree inspection using visual tree assessment with systematic approaches;
  • Inspecting the structural conditions of trees using suitable electronic instruments;
  • Propose appropriate risk mitigation measures and evaluate the effectiveness of the mitigation measures;
  • Using appropriate methods to carry out aerial tree inspection;
  • Familiarize the risk categorization process;
  • Prepare and review tree inspection report;
  • Identify common wood decay fungi;
According to the Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel. To be eligible for registration, an applicant must satisfy the criteria for the corresponding types of tree management personnel. For Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor, this course is one of the recognized training qualifications. 
For details, please refer to the following document:

Course Content

  • Legislation on Tree Inspection in Hong Kong
  • Review of Basic Tree Inspection
  • Identify Mechanical and Biological of Defects in Trees
  • Levels of Assessment
  • Target Assessment
  • Site Assessment
  • Tree Inspection Using Visual Tree Assessment
  • Use of Tree Inspection Equipment
  • Tree Inspection with Assisting Electronic Instruments
  • Implementation and Evaluation of the Proposed Mitigation Measures
  • Aerial Tree Inspection
  • Collecting, Recording and Analyzing of Data
  • Risk Categorization
  • Tree Inspection Report
  • Identify Common Wood Decay Fungi on Urban Trees of Hong Kong

Course Structure and Duration

  • Face to face Classroom and Practical Section
  • 3-day Course (21 hrs) + Assessment (3.5 hrs)

Medium of Instruction

  • English supplemented with Cantonese

Admission Requirements

  • At least 2 years of work experience in tree care, tree inspection, carrying out tree surveys and making management recommendations.  Part-time work experience could also be accepted while the duration should be doubled.

Validity Period

  • Perpetuality, no renewal is required

Course Assessment


No. of Questions


Passing Marks

1. Written Test (Short Question)




2. Tree Inspection




3. Fungi Identification




**Candidates are required to gain 70% overall as a pass mark and must score 70% for each of the two trees inspected and not conduct significant mistakes.

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